Filigramophone — a sound-enhanced pen tablet

The filigramophone is a hardware/software digital instrument.

The hardware part consists in a pen tablet embedded in a wooden case with piezzo microphones and acoustic transducers.

The software part is constantly evolving. It includes a synthesis engine allowing several synthesis sources (granular, FM, etc.), as well as spectral convolution between audio signal received from the piezzo microphone and the synthesis engine. The piezzo+acoustic transducer also allows for controlled feedback effects. And that is sweet.

Source code will be available as soon as the patch is no longer a mess of wires between undocumented modules. The filigramophone is mostly my own instrument but feel free to contact if you are interested in getting or building your own!


Author: Vincent

Independant R&D engineer and artist, crafting digital instruments for audio/visual live performances, installations and interactive applications. I post some of my works and news on this site.