L’arbre qui cachait la forêt

Sisyphus in a hamster wheel.

L’arbre qui cachait la forêt is a multimedia installation originally proposed for the Festival of Lights of Lyon (FR) happening on december 8th. The theme was about ecology and artists were encouraged to make use of little and/or renewable energy.

The installation consists in an interactive video projection of a tree, with the screen placed precisely in the location where the filmed tree stands. The screen offers a view that match the perspective of the global environment.

In front of this screen, a giant hamster wheel is awaiting a visitor.

As a man is running in the giant hamster wheel, the rotation of the wheel is making the video evolve from the current date of the festival, which is near winter solstice, when the tree is seemingly dead, back in time to the summer solstice at noon, when fully green in the deep blue sky.

Prior to the installation, the tree has been shot with time-lapse photography technique during a whole season.

l'arbre qui cachait la foret


Author: Vincent

Independant R&D engineer and artist, crafting digital instruments for audio/visual live performances, installations and interactive applications. I post some of my works and news on this site.